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To improve the quality of life and build community for families and individuals living with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders by offering a variety of programs and services that educate, advocate and support the needs of the bleeding disorders community in Southern California.

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    We are pleased to announce a new program that will benefit all of our members and our community. CHPS otherwise known as California Hemophilia Program Support Inc. is a nonprofit tax except organization which has been created to aid in the quality of home care and support the community of bleeding disorders, through education support and high certification standards.

    Qualifying home care companies need a good history of serving the community of bleeding disorders; demonstrate a working knowledge of hemophilia and bleeding disorder products and care, offer full range of services within the community, have inventory in stock to provide service, supply a 24 hour toll free number that will make pharmacists and shipments of medication available so that members can access their medication at any time, and provide for the fact that despite provided expected costs  be expected to inform the consumer of any changes to costs, but make an effort to provide treatment and costs at lowest possible price. They must also fully comply with AB389. Need name of bill

    We feel a great change is coming and with the introduction of the CHPS program we are well on our way to achieving our goals for the year of making the hemophilia community one joint family and raising awareness of the bleeding disorder community.


     We are pleased to introduce the following company that has been certified. 


    National Cornerstone Health Services


    NCHS through its Divisional Support Teams, Reimbursement, Customer Service and its Specialty Pharmacy provides more than just your medication and supplies. When you become part of our team, you will have access to all of our services and be treated in a personalized friendly manner. Your treatment care plans will be developed with your involvement as well as your physician. We strongly endorse efforts to advocate on behalf of those persons we serve and are committed to a concept of open communication.


    To learn more about NCHS and our Division Representatives please visit our website, Facebook page, Twitter or blog at www.nc-hs.com.


    If you would like further assistance please contact Barbara Chang at 877.616.6247.




    • 2014 Pitkin Scholarship


      The 2014 Application is available.


    Pitkin Application
    Please call our office at (323) 525-0440 or email us at ofcmgr@hemosocal.org for a 2014 Application.


    You can download and save the application by clicking here 


    • JULY


      2014 Camp Blood Brothers and Sisters

      Camp Blood Brothers and Sisters returns at Painted Turtle this summer kicking off on July 28th until August 2nd. Call to reserve your bunk today!




    • AUG

      14 - 18

      2014 Sibling's Camp





    • AUG

      17 - 23

      HCC Bike Ride to San Diego


      For more information please check out the website (http://www.ccr4h.org/).



    • SEPT

      18- 20

      NHF Annual Meeting- Washington, DC





    • SEPT


      2014 Family Retreat - Camp Malibu

      Happy Camping everyone! Our 2014 Family Retreat dates are now set. So, save mark your calendars and be prepared for another wonderful weekend in the woods.




    • SEPT


      2014 Golf and Tennis Classic

      Let's once again swing for smiles at our 32nd Annual Golf and Tennis Classic Fundraiser! Corporate teams from all over the region will compete in a friendly foursome to raise money in support of hemophilia awareness and advocacy at the beautiful Breamar Country Club. So, gather your team and reschedule your meetings because this Monday will be spent on the green! Remember the words of Bobby Jones,  "The best exercise for golfers is golfing."




    • OCT


      2014 Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorder Beach Walk

      We want your foot print in the sand once again at our 2014 Hemophilia Beach Walk, Saturday, Oct 18th. Plan a family day at the beach in Santa Monica! To register and set up a team, plese check out our walk web page for more information at http://www.hemophilia.org/walk/. If you need assistance setting up a walk team, please contact the office at 323.525.0440.


      To Register for a team please follow the simple steps:

      1. Visit http://www.hemophilia.org/walk/

      2. Select CA Los Angeles

      3. Select "REGISTER" under Hemophilia Walk (Los Angeles, CA)

      4a. If you are a returing team please log in and beging registering your team for this year

      4b. If you are new, please select "New Walkers" and then "Sign Up"

      5. Please fill out the waiver

      6. Select from the following options: Creating a Team [Team Captains], Joining a Team [Team Members] or as an Individual Walker

      7. Once you have selected which of the three categories, fill in your information.

      8. If you have any questions about your registration/ signing up please call the office at 323.525.0440



    • DEC


      HFSC Los Angeles Holiday Party, (TBA)

      Come celebrate the end of a great year by attending our annual Holiday Party! More information will be provided soon. If you would like to attend, please call and RSVP at 323.525.0440.


    • FEB 2015


      Hemophilia Family Day, CHLA- Omni Los Angeles Hotel


      For more information please contact Sylvia Estafan, HTCinfo@chla.usc.edu.


    • AUG 2015

      13 - 15

      NHF 67th Annual Meeting (Dallas, TX)




    • MAY 2015

      11 - 13

      Future Leaders Day and Legislative Day




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