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To improve the quality of life and build community for families and individuals living with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders by offering a variety of programs and services that educate, advocate and support the needs of the bleeding disorders community in Southern California.

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    We are pleased to announce a new program that will benefit all of our members and our community. CHPS otherwise known as California Hemophilia Program Support Inc. is a nonprofit tax except organization which has been created to aid in the quality of home care and support the community of bleeding disorders, through education support and high certification standards.

    Qualifying home care companies need a good history of serving the community of bleeding disorders; demonstrate a working knowledge of hemophilia and bleeding disorder products and care, offer full range of services within the community, have inventory in stock to provide service, supply a 24 hour toll free number that will make pharmacists and shipments of medication available so that members can access their medication at any time, and provide for the fact that despite provided expected costs  be expected to inform the consumer of any changes to costs, but make an effort to provide treatment and costs at lowest possible price. They must also fully comply with AB389. Need name of bill

    We feel a great change is coming and with the introduction of the CHPS program we are well on our way to achieving our goals for the year of making the hemophilia community one joint family and raising awareness of the bleeding disorder community.

     We are pleased to introduce the following companies that have been certified.





    BioRx is a national provider and distributor of select specialty pharmaceuticals, related supplies, and clinical, reimbursement and in-home support services. BioRx specializes in the following disease/therapy areas: 1) hemophilia and related bleeding disorders, including the provision of anti-hemophilic clotting factors and highly customized support services.

    Our hemophilia services are hallmarked by close community and patient involvement, highly customized supply management, and intense customer service. One of our primary missions is to promote patient independence and disease education in order to empower patients and their families. We expect to invest highly in the markets in which we participate.

    BioRx is dedicated to caring for the patient with exceptional service!



    June Reese: Toll Free: (866) 588-8470 Email: jreese@biorx.net



    Brothers Healthcare

    What can you expect from Brothers Healthcare?

    Expect answers: We will handle your insurance claims and navigate the billing process from beginning to end. Insurance plans can be difficult to understand, and our specialists are highly experienced with insurance plan challenges that can be associated with your bleeding disorder. If you have a question regarding your health insurance plan or need help with a problem, you can speak with our reimbursement specialists at anytime.

    Expect options: We have all factor brands available. We also offer many options for your infusion supplies because we know you have preferences based on your unique home infusion experience. You choose the supplies you need, and we will deliver everything to your doorstep.

    Expect action: We will coordinate your in-home nursing care as prescribed and will arrange for your visit at the most convenient time possible. This includes educational and emergency visits when needed. Let us know when and where, and we will do everything in our power to make it happen. We can even help monitor and track bleeding episodes, put into action useful practices to help minimize bleeding occurrences, and help to educate your friends and family about your bleeding disorder.

    Expect support: Taking the time to provide opportunities for you and your children to interact with and form lasting bonds with other families facing the same challenges while enjoying the same victories is an essential part of the Brothers Healthcare support system. We organize fun, relaxing, and educational events for the entire family because we believe this is one of the most valuable ways to create healthy, happy, well adjusted families. These friendships and bonds create a concrete support system that is always there when you need it.

    Expect more: We know life is not perfect and we understand firsthand many of the challenges that families face in our community. Because each family is unique, we have a team of family advocates and service coordinators who can provide our patients with referrals for personal, educational, physical and financial assistance. We can also provide referrals for job training programs, educational enrichment, scholarships, psychological services, drug dependency rehabilitation, pain management and adjunct therapies.Brothers Healthcare was founded upon the highest principles of providing patients with exemplary personal service and the opportunity to join into a brotherhood of friends and support. We know that sometimes having a bleeding disorder can complicate everyday life. Understanding insurance paperwork, introducing your child into a new school environment, or on the job complications can become overwhelming. We know your time is valuable and it helps to have options. We understand it is comforting to talk to someone who can relate to your situation, someone who can provide you with the support and information you need to get you through those trying times.

    Kevin Shaughnessey: kevins@brothershealthcare.com


    Factor Support Network Pharmacy

    Proud members of the CHPS program, one of the top four Certified Homecare Company’s recognized for our performance and quality standards by the Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California.


    Factor Support Network is a patient centered full service specialty pharmacy serving the bleeding disorders community since 1994. Our Company was founded by eight individuals and their families who sought to confront the chronic nature of this condition.

     At Factor Support Network we develop an individual relationship with every client to provide customized services that respond to the complex needs of hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.

    CONTACT YOUR Client Services Representatives in your area

    Randy DeSantis (805)402-5952                                                   Edmund Merino (909)709-1083

    RandyDeSantis@FactorSupport.com                                             EdmundMerino@FactorSupport.com

                                                                                                    **English & Spanish Speaking    



    National Cornerstone Health Services


    NCHS through its Divisional Support Teams, Reimbursement, Customer Service and its Specialty Pharmacy provides more than just your medication and supplies. When you become part of our team, you will have access to all of our services and be treated in a personalized friendly manner. Your treatment care plans will be developed with your involvement as well as your physician. We strongly endorse efforts to advocate on behalf of those persons we serve and are committed to a concept of open communication.


    To learn more about NCHS and our Division Representatives please visit our website, Facebook page, Twitter or blog at www.nc-hs.com.


    If you would like further assistance please contact Barbara Chang at 877.616.6247.




    • 2014 Pitkin Scholarship


      The 2014 Application is available.


    Pitkin Application
    Please call our office at (323) 525-0440 or email us at ofcmgr@hemosocal.org for a 2014 Application.




    • March


      Hemophilia Awareness Month





    • May


      Family Information Day


      Come celebrate 60 years of community support and training. We will offer training seminars, arts and crafts, and information for families in Southern California.


      Call today to RSVP! (323) 525-0440 



    • JULY


      2014 Camp Blood Brothers

      Camp Blood Brothers returns at Painted Turtle this summer kicking off on July 28th until August 2nd. Call to reserve your bunk today!




    • SEPT


      2014 Family Retreat - Camp Malibu

      Happy Camping everyone! Our 2014 Family Retreat dates are now set. So, save mark your calendars and be prepared for another wonderful weekend in the woods.




    • SEPT


      2014 Golf and Tennis Classic

      Let's once again swing for smiles at our 32nd Annual Golf and Tennis Classic Fundraiser! Corporate teams from all over the region will compete in a friendly foursome to raise money in support of hemophilia awareness and advocacy at the beautiful Breamar Country Club. So, gather your team and reschedule your meetings because this Monday will be spent on the green! Remember the words of Bobby Jones,  "The best exercise for golfers is golfing."



    • OCT


      2014 Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorder Beach Walk

       We want your foot print in the sand once again at our 2014 Hemophilia Beach Walk, Saturday, Oct 18th. Plan a family day at the beach in Santa Monica!



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