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Finding Medical Care – Why it’s important to be an informed consumer!

Finding the appropriate and specialized medical care is extremely important to individuals affected by rare genetic bleeding disorders. Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTC’s) provide comprehensive care, and often include a Social Worker, Physical Therapist and Psychologist on staff. Whether you are looking into primary care, dental care, physical therapy, orthopedic, or HIV/Hep C, local HTC’s can help direct you to medical facilities and providers that are familiar with bleeding disorders. Failure to do so may severely jeopardize your health. Medical practitioners unfamiliar with Hemophilia, or other bleeding disorders, may not provide you with the appropriate treatment, may subject you to treatments that are inappropriate, and may even put you at greater risk of death or permanent injury.

Obtaining appropriate and comprehensive care is critical for maintaining healthy muscles and joints, preventing further complications from HIV/Hep C, and for maintaining a long and healthy life.

Please contact the foundation if you need any assistance in contacting your local Hemophilia Treatment Center.

Find out more about HTCs, comprehensive care centers for people with rare blood disorders.

Hemophilia Treatment Centers (Southern California)

Federally Supported HTC’s CDC data showing 60% reduction in mortality and 50% reduction in bleeds related hopitalization if males with hemophilia go to a federally supported HTC.

Hemophilia Treatment Centers (Northern and Central California)