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Since 1954, when a small group of desperate parents and patients met in a small room at Orthopaedic Hemophilia Treatment Center (OTC), HFSC has strived to raise funds to provide quality services and programs to the bleeding disorders community.

Arguably the most exciting fundraiser in the history of hemophilia occurred in 1964 when Alan Livingston, then President of Capitol Records, hosted a meet and greet Garden Party with the Beatles! Tickets sold for only $25/child with all proceeds benefiting the Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California (HFSC).

In 1968, HFSC worked with Dr. Carol Kasper (OTC) and State Senator George Moscone to establish the state’s Genetically Handicapped Persons Program (GHPP) to cover medical care for adults with hemophilia who did not have health insurance as private insurance did not cover blood products until the 1970s. GHPP still stands as critical insurance coverage for many of our patients.

Currently, HFSC offers assistance in many areas such as emergency financial assistance, summer camp, family educations days and retreats, and advocacy training along with youth focused programs like our new Teen Leadership Summit. We also work to educate our community through health-focused education and resources like our informative newsletters, website, and fact sheets. We are a six star chapter of the National Hemophilia Foundation (highest available level), a Member Org of the Hemophilia Federation of America and a Rare Alliance Partner of Global Genes.