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Center for Inherited Blood Disorders (CIBD)


Center for Inherited Blood Disorders (CIBD)
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  • ATHNdataset, a Limited Data Set Related to Bleeding and Clotting Disorders
  • CDC Public Health Surveillance for Bleeding Disorders-Registry for Bleeding Disorders Surveillance
  • ATHN 10: Leveraging the ATHNdataset to Document the State of Rare Coagulation Disorders in the United States
  • A Non-Controlled, Open Label, Multicenter, Study of Efficacy of rFVIIIFc for Immune Tolerance Induction (ITI) in Severe Hemophilia A Subjects with Inhibitors Undergoing the First ITI Treatment
  • ATLAS-INH: A Phase 3 Study to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of Fitusiran in Patients with Hemophilia A or B, with Inhibitory Antibodies to Factor VIII or IX
  • ATLAS-OLE: An Open-Label, Long-term Safety and Efficacy Study of Fitusiran in Patients with Hemophilia A or B, with or without Inhibitory Antibodies to Factor VIII or IX
  • ATLAS-PEDS: An open-label, multinational study of fitusiran prophylaxis in male pediatric subjects aged 1 to less than 12 years with hemophilia A or B
  • Phase III Prospective, Randomized, Crossover Trial Comparing Von Willebrand factor (rVWF) and Transexamic Acid (TA, Lysteda) to Minimize Menorrhagia in Women with Type 1 Von Willibrand Disease (VWD)
  • HEM-POWR: Observational Study Evaluating Effectiveness and Safety of Real-World Treatment with Damoctocog alfa pegol in Previously Treated Patients with Hemophilia A
  • Explorer 7 trial “Efficacy and Safety of Concizumab prophylaxis in Patients with Haemophilia A and B with Inhibitors
  • Phase 3 of SPK 8011 A Multicenter, Observational Study in Males with Hemophilia A
  • (ATHN 9: Severe VWD Study) A Natural History Cohort Study for the Safety, Efficacy, and Practice of Treatments for People with Severe Von Willebrands Disease
  • Burden of Illness: Costs and Impact of Disease in People with Hemophilia A
  • California Sickle Cell Data Collection Project (SCDC)

Coming Soon

  • A Phase 2b Study to Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of IMR-687 in Subjects with Sickle Cell Disease
  • A Multicenter Trial Evaluating the Efficacy and Safety of Oral Decitbaine-tetrahydrouridine (Ndec) in patients with Sickle Cell Disease
  • A prospective, lead-in study to collect bleeding episodes, Factor VIII (FVIII) infusions, and patient-reported outcomes in hemophilia A patients with clinically severe phenotype (FVIII <5%)
  • A phase 3 open-label, single group, safety and efficacy study of BAY 2599023, an adeno-associated virus (AAV) hu37-mediated gene transfer of B-domain deleted human factor VIII in adults with clinically severe hemophilia A
  • A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel Group, Phase III Study with a Long-Term, Open-label Extension to Evaluate the Efficacy and Safety of TRM-201 (Rofecoxib) in Patients with Hemophilic Arthropathy (RESET)
  • Prevention of Bleeding in Patients with Severe Hemophilia A Playing Sports: A Comparison between Factor VIII and Emicizumab Prophylaxis – STEP: SporTs Emicizumab Prophylaxis.

Other Clinical Trials