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USC Clinical Trials

To find out more information about these trials and to see if you qualify, please contact: coagresearch@chla.usc.edu

  • Long-acting factor replacement therapy for previously untreated patients (PUPs)
  • Subcutaneous treatment for hemophilia A/B patients with and without inhibitors
  • Understanding the impact of hemophilia on patient’s neurocognitive development
  • Gene therapy for severe or moderately severe hemophilia B patients
  • TEG technology to learn more about effects of bypassing agents with Hemlibra
  • Observing patients undergoing minor surgical procedures while on Hemlibra
  • Comparing factor levels between one step clotting and chromogenic assay

eTHINK is a Large Clinical Study

eTHINK is a large clinical study looking at brain function and behavior in 500-700 children and adolescents with hemophilia ages 1-21 in the USA. The study involves a single 2-3 hour visit with a neuropsychologist. There are no medications or lab tests. Participating families will be able to see their individual results. The study is sponsored by Novo Nordisk in collaboration with an external steering committee.

For information on this topic, please see a short VIDEO featuring a hematologist, neuropsychologist, and mom of two sons with hemophilia available at www.eTHINKawarenessvideo.com.

If you’re interested in participating, please see a list of participating sites

Other Clinical Trials