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emPOWERment Webinar Series: “Estate Planning for People with Chronic Disorders”

"Estate Planning for people with Chronic Disorders," Steven P. Beltran, Esq. Trust and Estate Planning can sound intimidating or complicated, however parents of children with rare diseases should consider their importance. For example, if you die without a will in California, the care and destiny of your minor children will be out of your control […]

emPOWERment Webinar Series: “Financial Wellness for People with Chronic Disorders”

What does it mean to be “financially well?” What steps can you take to achieve financial wellness in today’s stressful environment? In this workshop, we’ll review: • The impact of fixed money mindsets and how changing our stories around money can change our actions (and our lives) • The power of values-based spending • A […]

emPOWERment Webinar Series – “Mild Matters”

"Mild Matters," Bekah Heckathorne, RN Mild bleeding disorders are sometimes regarded as less serious, which is a barrier for some people when seeking diagnosis and care. Learn about the changing landscape of mild bleeding disorders, types of mild bleeding disorders and issues patients face, how to determine if a person is having a bleeding episode, […]

emPOWERment Webinar Series – “California Insurance Programs”

"California Insurance Programs," presented by Annabelle Garcia, Takeda California Insurance Programs: This module discusses California-specific insurance programs such as California Children’s services, the Genetically Handicapped Persons Program, and Marketplace insurance. Annabelle Garcia, BCH Annabelle Garcia received her Bachelor in Community Health at the Department of Public Health Sciences from New Mexico State University in Las […]

emPOWERment Webinar Series – “The Power of Your Story”

Presented by Rev. Cazandra Campos-MacDonald Our stories are powerful. Various aspects of our journey can change lives when we share our experiences. You don’t have to be on a stage to share your story. Life-changing moments happen when you least expect it. Cazandra will: • Empower you as you identify the significant aspects of your […]

emPOWERment Webinar: What’s New in Legislative Advocacy?

Online Event

Join HFSC for our first emPOWERment Webinar of 2023! "What's New in Legislative Advocacy?" Speakers: Lynne Kinst, Executive Director, Hemophilia Council of CA, and Josie Gamez, Government Relations Manager, NHF. Join HFSC for our first webinar in our emPOWERment Webinar Series on Wednesday, February 8 starting at 7pm PST. PLEASE REGISTER ONLY 1 PERSON per […]

emPOWERment Webinar: Nutrition & Health Outcomes with Cooking Presentation

Online Event

Join HFSC for our April webinar in our emPOWERment Webinar Series on Thursday, April 20 starting at 7pm PST. PLEASE REGISTER ONLY 1 PERSON per HOUSEHOLD We'll be meeting virtually through ZOOM and will send you a link to access the discussion after registration (you can use your phone or laptop). Please reach out to […]

emPOWERment Webinar: Higher Factor Activity Levels Matter

Online Event

Join us for "Factor Fluency: Higher Factor Activity Levels Matter." Join HFSC for our May webinar in our emPOWERment Webinar Series on Wednesday, May 17 starting at 7pm PST. Learn why factor activity levels matter. The more you know about you factor activity levels, the better you can manage your hemophilia. Thank you Sanofi for […]

HFSC emPOWERment Webinar: “Advocating in the ER”

Online Event

Join us for our July emPOWERment Webinar, "Advocating in the ER" on Wednesday, July 12 at 7:00pm. Having to advocate for yourself or a loved one’s care can be difficult, especially in an urgent situation! This workshop will cover how to prepare in advance for an emergency, and provide information to help you navigate difficult […]

emPOWERment Webinar Series: Disaster Preparedness

Online Event

Join us for our August emPOWERment Webinar, "Disaster Preparedness" on Wednesday, August 23, 2023, at 7:00PM. SPEAKER: CJ COOK CJ Cook is currently employed by Inland Counties Regional Center as Manager of Community Engagement, serving over 52,000 adults and children with developmental and intellectual disabilities in San Bernardino and Riverside Counties. As Manager of Community Engagement, […]

emPOWERment Webinar Series: “Refilling Your Emotional Cup”

Join us for this insightful webinar workshop for parents and caregivers. Learn how to make sure you are taking care of yourself. We will review different techniques that will assist in self-care. These techniques include reflective parenting, mindfulness, and centers of control perspective. Cynthia Lua, LMFT Cynthia Lua is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist […]